Some SONIC thoughts… (Not the Hedgehog!!!)

So I just saw this tablet stylus that draws using sound.  Called the Hex3 Jaja stylus, what a great name for a pen firstly.  However the fact that it communicates using sound leads me to think about the potential for sound based control.  This is something we at AppToyz have been fascinated in for a while.  This is by no means the first sound controlled item but sound control is certainly not hitting the mainstream yet.  I have seen some dancing flowers and a couple of toy cars but that’s about it.

So some of the areas we have looked at and some thoughts:
Sonic sound control – which has some issues with lag and giving people headaches unless you are way above 20khz and the dogs start to howl.
Normal sound control – but then how do you disguise the actual communication sounds.
Voice control (anyone who has tried SIri, Google Voice or the UK entry Evi will have at one time been frustrated by these) and unless it works consistently it becomes more of a curse than an aid in my view.
Two technologies that I think will work in this field:
Chirp – download the app as this has to be  seen to be believed… any technology based on nature, or Bio mimicry I think, gets my vote.
We have another “top secret” technology we are working on that fingerprints whole TV episodes and then can recognise exactly where you are in the programme and react to it.  It is called 2nd screen watch out for it in the future.

Anyone seen anything else they are inspired by in terms of sound control?

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